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Free Fall - I co-wrote this song with Drew Johnson, who used to play guitar with me, and Kenneth Johnson. This is a song about the rush of being in love. And how real love is like a Free Fall, total trust, that you can't take back once you jump! Though it is not a true story exactly, it is based out of my personal experience.

Baby Come Back To Bed - This song goes out to all the hardworking men, and the women that love them. I wrote this when I was dating a fireman. He was working for the Forest Service, and he would be dropped into fires with his crew for 2-3 weeks at a time all through fire season, working 16 hours plus a day, and only get a couple days off in between fires to come home and rest. I wrote this song as a reminder that even when you work hard, you still need time to rest and spend with your loved ones.

Fallin’ For Him And Loving You - This song is about trying to move on when your hearts been broken, and you are still in love with the person who did the breaking.

Hold On Tight - Have you ever noticed that with every year that passes time seems to move more quickly? When I wrote this song I was reflecting on my past, and the moments that were precious to me looking back. I realized that some of the times that I held dear were moments that seemed really difficult or sad at the time, but really were precious, and in the moment I didn’t realize how blessed I was. This song is about grasping the moment, living it fully, and bearing into every moment, the smiles, and the tears. 

Somewhere In Between - I wrote this song the first two weeks I was in Nashville. I arrived expecting to have a room to rent, and when I got here, there was no room available for me. During those first few weeks in town I was graciously taken in by strangers and new friends until I could get settled. I realized that first week as I was sleeping on someone’s couch that everything in my life was in a transitional “In Between” point. I felt compelled to write this song, because I think we all face those moments in our lives of transition, living “Somewhere In Between.”

Don’t Give Up - Have you ever just needed to sit down and have a good cry? That’s where I was emotionally when I wrote this song. I had been dealing with a lot of stress and transition, and I’d been holding it all together, but I was ready to burst. So I sat down, and had a good long cry, and when I was done, I decided I needed to write a song. I really wrote this song to make myself feel better, to encourage myself, and remind myself to keep the faith. But I hope that it encourages you as well.


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